ISR Silent Position Monitor (SPM) series
Mobile Tracking Units:

SPM 1000

SPM 4000

Powerful processor, one million position onboard storage capability. Instantly notifies fleet managers of stops, entries or exits from geo-fenced boundaries, speeding or emergencies. Accommodates up to eight inputs for ignition on/off, door and temperature sensors, PTO switches, etc. Expansion ports for connecting Bar Code Scanners, Credit Card Readers, PDAs, etc. Messaging and ticket-handling features are standard. Built-in digital communications modem works on GSM and CDMA networks. As communication networks change, modular design allows upgrade of communications hardware, without replacement of other components. No additional equipment needed.


Mobile Data Terminal (MDT-Pro)

A rugged, easy-to-use data terminal with an LCD display for two-way text communications. Messaging and diagnostic interface for the SPM. Cut down on time consuming and expensive cellular and radio traffic. Dispatchers can send job assignments or messages to multiple drivers at once. Driver receiving messages can select and send pre-programmed responses or free form replies. MDT Pro operating functions and displays are fully customizable to customer’s needs.