Reporting Tools

ISR’s Fleet Management Reports partner with our live tracking capabilities to give you 24/7 access to important data about your vehicles’ driving activities. Customizable reporting parameters allow you to decide what events and information are important to you and your business, and how you want to be notified when those events occur. We provide you with the business intelligence that helps you improve productivity and customer service, while decreasing expensive and unsafe driving behaviors. Available reports include:

  • Start/Stop Time Report
  • Excessive Speeding Report
  • Engine Idle Time Report
  • Alert Zone Entry/Exit Report
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Report
  • Message Log Report
  • Vehicle Maintenance Report
  • *NEW* Road Speed Alerts

Reports data is available instantly accessible at all times, and can be viewed onscreen, printed, or exported for use in other applications or available for you to make your own customized reports. Your reports data is kept on our server and is thus available for your use for at least 180 days.