ISR FleetTrack™ Benefits

Increase revenue…Reduce operating costs…Improve customer service…Increased Insight into Driver Behavior…Industry-Specific Safety Features…Heavy-Duty Design for Industrial Use

An investment in FleetTrack not only pays for itself in just a few months, it can also help you attract new customers and retain the ones you have at an unprecedented pace.

FleetTrack will increase your top line revenueFleetTrack leads to increased productivity that leads directly to increased revenue. Eliminate non-billable time by letting FleetTrack provide automated reports such as IFTA fuel logs and driver logs. Reduce excess miles driven by efficient dispatching. Either way, FleetTrack has proven to increase billable hours by 15% per week.

FleetTrack will lower your vehicle operating costs

FleetTrack can monitor every aspect of a vehicle’s operation. Was the driver speeding? Did the driver take a side trip? Is the vehicle idling for extended periods of time? Is the vehicle overdue for a routine servicing? All of these activities cost your company time and money. With FleetTrack, you will be able to manage these and other activities, and see up to a 10% reduction in operating costs in the first 30 days!

FleetTrack will raise your customer service to new heights

FleetTrack helps you meet and exceed customer expectations. Whether it is dispatching the closest vehicle to a customer, being able to notify a customer of a delayed arrival time, or providing electronic backup for arrival and departure time for billing, your customer will never complain again about waiting endlessly for service or question how much time they were billed for.