Bus Battery Monitoring – ISR Corporation

ISR Corporation is on the cutting edge of Bus Battery Monitoring, using custom engineering to help our clients solve difficult problems.

With our full-featured commercial fleet management product, ISR FleetTrack®, you’ll be sure to know exactly where each truck in your fleet is, helping you to better use resources, and saving your business time, money, gas expenses, and overtime pay. The fleet management reports let you see what your vehicles did yesterday, last week, last month or any other time frame where data is useful. How could these benefits improve your firm?

ISR Corporation is recognized as a pioneer in the world of bus battery monitoring.  From its start in 1986, ISR Corporation has installed custom fleet management systems for governments and commercial customers around the word, including the Executive Office of the President of the United States, the Office of National Drug Policy, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Army, the US Coast Guard, the Mayo Clinic, Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Division, General Motors Proving Grounds, and over 40 state and local law enforcement agencies.

Leveraging this extensive government experience, ISR Corporation created its full-featured commercial fleet management product – ISR FleetTrack- in 1995. ISR FleetTrack leads the fleet management industry with extensive features and flexibility.

ISR Corporation is dedicated to serving its customers’ needs. ISR offers off-the-shelf tracking systems, and the ability to integrate with a customer’s unique business needs. ISR Corporation prides itself on serving its customers with exemplary value and providing tested cutting-edge bus battery monitoring technology at competitive prices.


Truck tracking is an essential part of our dispatch scheduling. ISR gives us the tools we need to help keep our trucks on time.

– Eric Dearth