Reduced Operating Expenses

FleetTrack live can monitor every aspect of a vehicle’s operation. Was the driver speeding? Did the driver take a side trip? Is the vehicle idling for extended periods of time? Is the vehicle overdue for routine service? All of these activities cost your company time and money. FleetTrack Live helps you manage your vehicles and the people that drive them. Many businesses report up to a 10% reduction in vehicle operating costs in the first 30 days!

  • Companies lose millions of dollars every year because of the theft of cargo, vehicles, trailers, etc… GPS based tracking systems can play a major role in preventing both vehicle & cargo thefts as well as aiding in recovery
  • Many insurance providers offer between 5 – 12 % discounts on Insurance Premiums for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices. Contact your insurance provider for more information.
  • Reduce your fuel bill and eliminate unapproved or extended journeys. Fleets normally report 5 – 12 % reduction in fuel related expenses as a result of implementing a GPS based fleet management system.
  • By leveraging the ability to dispatch vehicles more efficiently, and by monitoring travel, work hours and driver behavior between stops, overtime will be reduced while at the same time billable hours will be increased by up to 15%.

“ISR FleetTrack paid for itself within the first 3 months through reduced fuel costs. Just the fuel savings alone saved our company over $1000.00 per month.”

– Mark Gunther
  Gunther’s Transport Service