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Add second driverDriversEdit VehicleManage TrailersShipment Document NumberStatus selection

Add second driver: On this screen, you have the capability of adding a second driver’s information. This would be used if you are running vehicles with team drivers.

Drivers: This displays all the drivers that are currently logged in on the tablet.

Edit Vehicle: This displays the current SPM connected to the tablet and you can also use this button to edit the vehicle information.

Shipment Document Number: This displays the shipping documentation number. Using this button you can add/edit your shipment number.

Status Selection: This button is used to change the status of your tablet.


In the logs, you can track the events made for the day such as:
• When the driver logged in
• When the driver took a break
• When the driver went on-duty/off-duty
• When the driver took a sleep break
• How long the driver was on-duty

The Logs screen can also be used for verification when the driver needs to show officers. This log can be shown in two different formats.

Summary View

List view