Why Choose ISR Corporation?

When your company’s vehicles drive away in the morning, are some of your profits leaving too? ISR FleetTrack® gives you another set of eyes, helping you to keep both your company’s mobile assets and bottom line in clear and constant focus.

With ISR FleetTrack® real-time GPS tracking, you’ll always know where each vehicle is, allowing you to better utilize resources, and saving your company time, gas, money, and overtime. Our fleet management reports let you see what your vehicles did yesterday, last week, last month or any period you need to review. What does this mean to your business?


Live Tracking

Locate your entire fleet in seconds. Use the location information to make better dispatch or job assignment decisions. Powerful exception-based reporting gives you automatic updates of the information that is important to your business, without requiring you to be there to monitor it!

Two-way Communications

Use built-in two-way messaging to maintain efficient yet, low cost, communications with each and every vehicle.


Prevent costly driving behaviors such as speeding or excessive idling with our suite of Fleet Management reports. ISR FleetTrack® makes payroll accountability a snap, and allows automatic computation of IFTA state-by-state fuel taxes.


Dispatch & Navigation

ISR FleetTrack® Live unleashes the power of Google Maps, helping dispatchers find the best route for your driver to take, and giving dispatchers advance notice when vehicles may be delayed by traffic along the way. Optional Garmin integration lets dispatchers send job assignments to a portable GPS device in a vehicle, and driver automatically gets turn-by-turn directions to the job.

Sensors & Controls

Protect employees with “Remote Panic Buttons.” Prevent theft and hot wiring of vehicles. Optional remote shut-down of vehicle engine or other systems from the base station. Monitor vehicle fluid levels and cargo temperatures.


ISR Silent Position Monitor (SPM) series Mobile Tracking Units include a powerful onboard processor, onboard storage capability allowing millions of positions to be stored and analyzed. Instantly notifies fleet managers of stops, entries or exits from geo-fenced boundaries, speeding or emergencies.