Dispatch, Navigation & Traffic

  • Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry: Deliveries get delayed. Jobs end up requiring more workers than originally planned. Drivers get lost. Vehicles break down. Tools or equipment requirements can change in an instant. ISR FleetTrack can help you and your vehicles smoothly navigate through these challenges.
  • ISR QuickRoute Garmin integration makes dispatching a snap, allowing you to quickly and easily send job assignments, that include turn-by-turn directions and voice prompts to your company’s vehicles. Job details and other information your driver may need can be included as part of the message.
  • See which vehicles are nearby so you can decide which vehicle is the best to dispatch to a location.
  • Help drivers find the fastest route to their next stop.
  • Use Google’s search functions to find nearby business services such as gas stations, repair facilities or restaurants.
  • Check the traffic along the way.
  • Click here for a list of supported Garmin devices.